Jeroen Piket Vermogensregie (Wealth Management) is specialised in steering asset affairs in the right direction.

Assets are made future-proof for clients.

Based on your family values, as well as the origin of the capital, Jeroen Piket Vermogensregie analyses your wishes for the future and coordinates an efficient and practical implementation on your behalf.

Jeroen is your trusted advisor who forms the coordinating link between you and other experts to realise a suitable asset planning and structure.

Jeroen Piket Vermogensregie helps you keep a complete overview so that you can sleep easy at night.

For wealthy individuals and families

For top athletes

Your momentum, my customised support

Recently acquired wealth

You have recently become a high net worth individual; you would like to secure your financial independence in the future but experience (too) many choices in your new life situation.

Having been wealthy for some years

As a high net worth individual, you had some initial experience, with varying success, and you would like to implement improvements.

Having been wealthy for a longer period

You know what you want and how it should be done but you do not have the time, or no longer have the time, for this. You require someone who arranges all this for you properly and with a proven track record.

Working method

We start off with an exploratory discussion about your specific situation and any questions you may have.
We will then work together towards your Asset Plan…


Using a comprehensive (asset) inventory, we will examine your (financial) wishes and challenges in more detail.


The information and documentation you have provided will be analysed and we will consider, from your perspective, whether this situation aligns with the objectives.


Based on the inventory and analysis, a solid and clear asset plan will be prepared together with expert knowledge partners (your own advisors or experts from Jeroen Piket’s network) to create a suitable structure. To carry out the action points from the asset plan efficiently, the implementation must be directed in a coordinated manner. During this process, your interests, as client, take centre stage and there will be discrete cooperation between a network of experts to support you in the management of your asset affairs.

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