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Jeroen Piket Vermogensregie steers the practical financial issues of your family assets in the right direction. As a high net worth individual, you benefit from having choices, but you also carry many responsibilities. You would like to have some (extra) support in the management of your asset affairs and during the regular consultations with the external tax consultant, accountant, banker and civil-law notary so that you have more time to pay attention to things that matter to you.You want a complete overview of your assets, with a clear understanding of the income and expenditure and the right balance between capital growth and risk.

Jeroen Piket Vermogensregie considers how they can have their assets managed with a view to the future so that they can fully concentrate on their career and maintain a harmonious private life. Whilst you direct your energy and focus on athletic performance, you are supported in the management of your financial affairs to realise future financial independence. You will keep insight into and overview of your affairs through consolidated reports and the correct checks and balances for your wealth management. Arranging your financial affairs is in supplementation to your agent or sports agent who organises your club and/or competition calendar with you. Jeroen Piket Vermogensregie can also work together with your sports agency.

Your momentum, my customised support

Recently acquired wealth

You have recently become a high net worth individual; you would like to secure your financial independence in the future but experience (too) many choices in your new life situation.

You experience complications in how to manage your assets and inconveniences in keeping a complete overview, whilst people in your environment all want to do business and make investments with you (and your money).

How do you know where to start and maintain overview of your financial position?

Jeroen Piket Vermogensregie can provide you with a clear analysis of your affairs and prepare a customised Asset Plan based on your most important objectives.

Key to this is the setting up of a future-proof asset structure with solutions for your current stage of life and financial status. This is efficiently worked out with the aid of an excellent network of experts.

Your successful path will have a suitable follow-up, whilst your knowledge and skills will grow with your capital.

Having been wealthy for some years

As a high net worth individual, you had some initial experience, with varying success, and you would like to implement improvements.

You personally do not have the time nor the capabilities to manage your assets full time.

Because of your assets, you attract the interest, sometimes involuntarily, of various parties with different agendas. This demands a great deal from you. You require a discussion partner who, if desired, also operates as your voice for asset affairs.

Wealth is there to serve you. It is under your control, you have the benefit, the burden and the responsibility. You require professional guidance so that you can rest easy in the knowledge that your interests are always properly looked after.

This is where Jeroen Piket Vermogensregie can help you organise your affairs better and engage the right experts to arrange your asset at a detailed level. Having your own asset structure is often desirable for privacy, control and economic reasons.

Based on his expertise , Jeroen can participate in your Advisory- or Supervisory council to measure ( 6 months/ annual) actual results to your set goals in relation to your Family’s Capital

Having been wealthy for a longer period

You know what you want and how it should be done but you do not have the time, or no longer have the time, for this. You require someone who arranges all this for you properly and with a proven track record.

Safeguarding the family reputation and asset flows for the next generation must be continued whilst the availability of various forms of expertise in the organisation is required.

How can the new responsibilities be best divided within the family and organisation in order to continue, with the aid of external experts, to realise successful wealth preservation and return on investments?

This is where Jeroen Piket Vermogensregie can provide you with an excellent service as Jeroen Piket has the right knowledge, network and independence thanks to his 15 years’ Family Office experience. He can coordinate specialist advice from larger firms so that you realise an optimum result from your wealth management and have a protective structure in place for now and for future generations.

Knowledge partners

Jeroen Piket Vermogensregie can work together with your existing advisors, but also has its own extensive network that is still growing. In addition, clients often request expert firms to provide additional services for the practical implementation of a wide variety of asset affairs that do not directly form part of their particular expertise and/or service. In that case, Jeroen Piket Vermogensregie is on the shortlist of preferred advisors to provide additional services. This is not limited to firms operating in legal, tax or financial fields, but may include property experts and security consultants.

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